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Travel to Lund and the Facility

From Sturup, Malmö Airport

The local airport is Sturup, Malmö airport. Take the bus marked "Lund" just outside the main entrance. It will stop at a few locations in Lund, e.g. Lund Central train station, or later on at Lunds Tekniska Högskola (i.e. Lund Institute of Technology), close to the nCHREM. Buses leave in connection to all inward flights. 

From Kastrup, Copenhagen International Airport

It is very easy to travel to Lund from Kastrup, Copenhagen International Airport in Denmark, is directly connected with Lund by train, less than an hour away. 

Time-table for trains from Copenhagen-Kastrup-Malmö-Lund can be downloaded from Skånetrafikens homepage.

Within Lund by Taxi

Once in Lund at the Central train station it is most convenient to go by taxi to the Chemical Center, the street address is Getingevägen 60. It is a 5 minute ride. Fare is less than SEK 100. At the Chemical Center go in the main entrance and to the information desk on the right. The personnel at the information desk will help you find the way to us.

General Information about Lund and Sweden

For information about the city Lund, we recommend the city
official homepage
where you also can find more information about the Öresund region.

If you want to know more about Sweden, visit The Global Visitor’s Guide to Sweden. It is the the official Swedish website for tourism and travel information.

At the Lund Institute of Technology (LTH) homepage you can find maps of LTH Campus and of Lund. On the LTH Campus map the nCHREM is situated in the building at the top with the letter K written on it (KC, The Center for Chemistry
and Chemical Engineering) .