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Courses given by the division

KOO 101 Fundamental Chemistry K1, B1
KOO A05 General Chemistry for Fire Engineers Bi1
KOO A01 Introductory Chemistry for Environmental Engineers W1
KOO F01 Applied Aquatic Chemistry W2
KOO 022 Inorganic Chemistry K2, B2
KOO 052 Materials and Polymer Technology K3, B4
KOO 095 Functional Materials N2
KTE 080 Polymer Chemistry K4, N4
KPO 010 Polymer Physics K4, N4
KPO N01 Project in Polymer and Materials Technology K4, N4
KOO 045 Materials Chemistry K4, N4
KOO 065 Microscopical Characterisation of  Solid and Biological Materials K4, N4
KOO 105 Materials Analysis at the Nanoscale N3
KTE 720Degree project in Polymer TechnologyK4, N4
KOO 920Degree Project in Materials Chemistry for EngineersK4, N4
HREM for PhD

List of Master Theses (incomplete)

Magdalena Thomasson, Gas barriers for packaging materials (ongoing in collaboration with Flextrus)

Emmy Kiraly, Film forming and adhesion mechanisms for LDPE in the converting process (ongoing in collaboration with Tetra Pak)

Szandra Kövecses, Reverse osmosis properties of sulfonated polymer membranes (ongoing at the division of Polymer & Materials Chemistry)

Matilda Larsson, Analysis of biomass for production of polyhydroxyalkanoates (ongoing in collaboration with AnoxKaldnes AB)

Jean-Paul Moya, Characterization of polymer films for prediction of molecular permeability (ongoing in collaboration with Tetra Pak)

Hillevi Arvidsson, Preventing molecular weight reductions of polyhydroxyalkanoates in the melt through the addition of chain extenders and stabilizers (2012, in collaboration with AnoxKaldnes AB)

Alexander Persson, Mechanisms for adhesion between polymers and metals (2011, in collaboration with Tetra Pak)

Thomas Flindt Scheel, Dielectric properties of biodegradable polyhydroxyalkanoates (2011, at the division of Polymer & Materials Chemistry)

Filip Markeling, NMR studies of sulfonated and phosfonated polymer membranes for fuel cells (2011, at the Department of Chemistry)

Peter Kongstad, Optimization of a process for production of nanofibers for filter applications (2011, in collaboration with Swerea IVF and Filton AB)

Oskar Tynelius, Modification of Nafion membranes for direct methanol fuel cells (2011, in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute)

Annika Weiber, Sulfonated polysulfones for water purification membranes (2011, at the division of Polymer & Materials Chemistry)

Fredrik Skullman, Causes of back-printing in the production of packaging materials (2011, in collaboration with Tetra Pak)

Jakob Elamzon, Nanocellulose reinforced biocomposites (2011, in collaboration with Innventia AB)

Vesna Mirosavljevic, Polypropylene for injection molded medical packaging (2010, in collaboration with Gambro Lundia AB)

Erik Wisaeus, Plasma polymerization of corrosion resistant thin coatings (2010, in collaboration with the Danish Technological Institute)

Miroslav Zezula, Investigation of the flow characteristics of bone cements during polymerization (2010, in collaboration with the Department of Orthopedics at Lund University)

Patrik Ahlberg, Evaluation of various synthetic approaches to attach sulfonated side groups to polyaromatics for fuel cell membranes (2009)

Alexander Dingizian, Injection moulding of a T-shaped valve for biomedical applications (2009, in collaboration with Carmo A/S)

Jenny Hua, Study of the emissions and the physical drying process of water-based coatings (2009, in collaboration with BonaKemi AB)

Johan Friberg and Jens Persson, Optimizing electrospinning of polyamide nanofibers for large scale production of filter media (2009, in collaboration with Swerea IVF)

Peter Johansson, Stability of polyhydroxyalkanoates in air and solvents - kinetics of thermal degradation, hydrolysis and alcoholysis (2008, in collaboration with AnoxKaldnes Biopolymer AB)

Siavash Darzi, Crosslinking of polymer dispersions using ethoxysilyl epoxides (2008, in collaboration with BonaKemi AB)

Anton Berthold, The influence of the bisphenol structure on sulfonated polysulfones for PEM applications (2008, in collaboration with University of Stuttgart)

Per Magnusson, Influencing the characteristics of polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) by varying the accumulation strategies in mixed bacteria cultures (2007, in collaboration with AnoxKaldnes Biopolymer AB)

Karl Josefsson, Polysulfones with pendent benzimidazole units for fully polymeric proton conductors (2005)

Martin Stener, Synthesis and characterisation of phosphonated polysulfones for use in fuel cells (2005)

Pernilla Karmalm, Evaluation of sulfonic acids used for catalysis of crosslinking reactions in poly(ethylene-co-vinyltrimethoxysilane) (2005, in collaboration with Borealis)

Ronny Lindell, Crosslinking and chain extension with incorporated uretdiones in water dispersible polyurethane resins (2005, in collaboration with BonaKemi AB)

Marie Henriksson, Aspects on the loss of adhesion in packaging materials (2004, in collaboration with Tetra Pak)

Samuel Akogyeram, Chemical modification of the protective colloid used in vinyl acetate polymerization (2004, in collaboration with Casco Adhesives AB)

Henrik Bernquist, Sulfophenylation of styrene copolymers - a synthetic route to new ion exchange resins (2004)

Tord Sonander, Polymer electrolyte fuel cells - a feasibility study of ionomer impregnated catalytic nets for use of in membrane electrode assemblies (2003, in collaboration with Catator AB)

Benoît Lafitte, Synthesis and characterisation of proton conducting sulfoarylated polysulfones (2002)

Christian Persson, New polymer blends for proton conduction at high temperatures (2001)

Christel Gunnarsson, Poly(styrene-graft-ethylene oxide) - a compatibilizer in blends of polystyrene and poly(vinyl acetate) (2000)

Mattias Bragwad, Adhesion to plasma polymers (2000, in collaboration with AMCOR Flexibles Europe)

Ronnie Ljungbäck, Synthesis and characterization of ion conductive polymers (1999, in collaboration with Ericsson Communication AB)

Magnus Carlberg, Structure of thin block copolymer films as studied by atomic force microscopy (1999)