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Welcome to the Division of Polymer & Materials Chemistry

The Division of Polymer and Material Chemistry is actively involved in research and teaching at Lund University. The Division is located at the Centre for Chemistry and Chemical Engineering (Kemicentrum) and is part of the Faculty of Engineering (LTH) and the Department of Chemistry at Lund University.

We are engaged in several undergraduate and Master courses that cover Fundamental and Inorganic Chemistry; Materials and Polymer Science and Nanotechnology.

Our research is divided between the study of crystals at the atomic level and of organic polymers. We have an excellent expertise in the synthesis and characterisation of polymers, in particular aromatic materials, ionic membranes for fuel cell application and porous polymers. We also investigate the growth of nanometer structures and their characterisation by High-Resolution Electron Microscopy. We have ongoing collaboration with other Swedish and international research institutions and we have strong links with industry.